46 edtech innovations in ISTELive 22

Gathering in person at ISTELive 22 in New Orleans was great. Here is a sample of new Adtech innovations, products and solutions School News Learned about it during the show.

3M and Discovery Education have announced 31 state merit winners in 2022 3M Young Scientist Challenge. As the country’s premier middle school science competition for 15 years 3M Young Scientist Challenge Young scientists have outstanding innovation features that use the power of STEM to improve the world. The 3M Young Scientist Challenge Students in grades 5-8 are asked to identify a daily problem in their classroom, community, or world and submit a one- to two-minute video by contacting the science behind their solution.

Aperture was on hand to showcase its measurable SEL solutions for K-12 that grow with students and staff, ranging from teacher-based ratings and strategies at the elementary level to student- and teacher-oriented assessments and strategy software for high school students and staff. . . The research-based DESSA assessment provides partners with a SEL foundation whose core foundation is resource promotion, not deficit.

ASUS has announced the latest lineup of notebooks, desktops, displays, and networking solutions, featuring the K-12, an array of innovative gaming and learning products for students and educators in the higher education and sports education sector. The ASUS Chromebook CR1 is a reliable alternative ready for a variety of situations. Available in a clamshell or convertible design, this laptop is ready for long-term use in the classroom with its all-round rubber bumper, spill-resistant keyboard and ultra-solid hinge. The ROG Strix GT15 desktop gaming PC offers tournament-grade performance with its powerful 12th Gen Intel CPU, Core i7-12700KF, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU.

Avantis Education, the creator of ClassVr, has announced the launch of Eduverse – a groundbreaking new online platform that gives students access to the K-12 Metaverse. At Eduverse, students can access immersive, educational content and amazing VR experiences. They can communicate with each other as avatars, all in a safe and controlled environment, inside and outside the classroom.

AVer Information Inc., the award-winning provider of distance learning, video collaboration and educational technology solutions, has announced its participation in ISTELive 22, one of the most influential education events in the world, hosted by The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). . AVer will launch the new U70i document camera, as well as showcase award-winning classroom solutions designed to keep students engaged in a variety of learning environments.

Codelicious introduces participants to its full-year computer science course for K-12. Codilysis courses are provided, including everything needed to teach computer science to teachers, including lesson planning, assessment and quality mapping. The curriculum is updated regularly to stay current with new technology, so teachers spend less time writing lessons and more time engaging students. By bringing Codelicious into the classroom, teachers give their students the opportunity to learn collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. All these skills students need to be successful, whatever their future.

With CoderZ Technologies LTD’s new offer, CoderZ League in a Box, schools and districts can now bring the thrill of virtual coding competition to their classrooms and communities. This latest version of the code-learning platform enables educators to participate in the International CoderZ League: Virtual Cyber ​​Robotics competition as well as create local tournaments on demand. Where students can gather at a school or community center for a league tournament, the gameplay takes place on CoderZ’s online coding platform. While learning the principles of coding, teams of students play together in fun “missions” by programming virtual 3D robots.

Construct 3, a game engine that lets anyone develop their own games without knowing how to code, is launching its new curriculum in partnership with STEM Fuse for the fall semester of GAME: IT Advanced. Games: The IT Advanced Course is the Capstone Course in High School Game Design and Programming Pathway.

Dell’s education strategists were hosting onsite conversations on digital inclusion, K-12 cybersecurity, the growing sports movement, and more topics related to education and the role that technology plays in today’s learning empowerment. Access the full live stream of Dell’s Think Tank sessions Define what is possible for reinvented learning, which brings together a diverse group of educational thought leaders to discuss the future of education and their vision for overcoming surface barriers for each student to succeed. Or, watch the full live stream of Dell’s Think Tank session on the implementation of what is possible for Reinvented Learning, to discuss strategies for implementing what is possible for students, including learning format, teacher role, grading practice, action-based learning. The organization has brought together thought leaders. , And more

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