5 ISTEL Live 22 sessions that caught our eye

This is again the cornerstone of the year – ISTELive 22, and this year, the country’s largest Adtech show will be held in New Orleans.

With a focus on empowering educators and improving equity, ISTELive features personal content streaming live and from conferences, as well as online content from remote presenters.

Sessions include focusing on mixed learning, curating classroom resources, using augmented reality, project-based learning, creating student media literacy, technology techniques to save time from librarians, using digital tools with students with special needs, digital Problem solving and much more. .

The keynote speaker will be announced soon on Monday. On Tuesday, participants will discuss the growing need for collaboration in education from ISTE’s Madelyn Mock and how educators can view education from a different lens and holistic perspective that can provide new learning to students.

Here are some ISTELive 22 sessions we’d like to see in New Orleans – and stay tuned for the exclusive school news coverage of the conference:

Improve failures, finishes, and grades, including gamification:
In this experimental study, we showed that a gamified course overlay can improve failure, completion, and grades – even for low-performing teachers. The tools developed for this study draw on the principles of behavioral economics, motivational theory, and learning knowledge theory to help students improve and connect with teachers.

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