5 STEM-based TED-Ed lessons to finish your school year

School days can feel like they are moving at the speed of a glacier in the countdown to the summer break. Some schools are already closed, others have a few more weeks left. Teachers whose classrooms are still full of students can use the TED-Ed lessons to enliven these last days and highlight the various personal interests of the students.

The TED-Ed platform is especially nice because educators can create lessons around any TED-Ed original, TED Talk, or YouTube video.

Once you’ve found the video you want to use, you can use the TED-Ed text editor to add questions, discussion prompts, and additional resources.

Use these TED-Ed lessons to break the brain, introduce new lessons, or inject some fun and engaging conversations into your class.

1. Why does the smoke around the fire follow you? Imagine: You’re having a good time around the fire when somewhere outside, the smoke is blowing directly into your face. Naturally, you get up and move to get out of the way. But suddenly smoke is rising in your face! What’s going on SciShow explores the physics of smoke.

2. The bee that eats the carcassBees are very useful little critters: they pollinate flowers, make honey, and … help digest carcasses. SciShow explores vulture bee species.

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