6 time saving technology strategies for school librarians

Is there an educator on the planet who wants to spend a little more time on their day?

With the help of time-saving technology techniques, school librarians can find ways to connect deeply with their school teachers and students, build relationships, and assist in research and skill development.

During an ISTELive session, Christina A. Holzweis, a high school educational technology enrichment librarian, shares his tips to help school librarians engage with students, help teachers, and make their school libraries a dynamic and welcoming place.

1. Choice board
“Student voices, student choices,” Holzweis says.

Why: Help nurture independence, encourage students to make choices and make decisions and offer separate guidance.
How: Google Slides, PPT, Bunsi, Thinglink, Generali, Canvas

School librarians can create preferred boards lined up with different qualification levels and choose according to how students feel comfortable.

2. Newsletter

Why: Advocacy, community engagement, resource sharing, showcasing student work
How: Wakelet, Padlet, Smore, Google Slides, PPT

“A newsletter is a great way to advocate [for your library], Holzweiss said. “Do more intelligent things, not harder.”

Using Wakelet, school librarians can work with librarians in their district or even state or country-wide to draw attention to important library resources, offer research advice, and motivate students. Translation technology may be included for those whose mother tongue is not English.

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