A provost has resigned in protest of budget cuts

Daniel Silver has resigned as provost of the University of Piedmont in protest of the forthcoming budget cuts. Now Habersham Reported resignation is effective immediately.

The email was about budget cuts that have not yet been announced. In February, Piedmont cut 8 percent of its staff. The college is located in Democrat, Georgia.

“These cuts will take place less than two months before the start of the next contract year.” I’m sure many of you will agree that such a decision is morally wrong because it does not provide faculty members anywhere near a reasonable time to get a job elsewhere, “Silver said in her email. , But, regardless. The University of Piedmont is in a very difficult time. “

He has confirmed that he is resigning Now Habersham: “Despite my disagreement with this particular budget decision, Piedmont has remained a great institution and I will always wish its students, faculty and staff all the best.”

Silver’s resignation comes almost a month after the university’s faculty approved a no-confidence vote against Senate President Piedmont’s James Melichamp. The board of trustees, headed by Chair Gus Arendel, backed Melichanop.

Arrendale indicated at the time that the organization was on a good financial footing. “Student deposits for Fall 2022 are up about 15 percent from the same period last year, at a time when college enrollment is declining nationally. Housing deposits have also increased year after year, ”he said.

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