AAUP delegates approve partnership with AFT

Delegates at the biennial meeting of the American Association of University Professors voted Saturday to become affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, forming an alliance of 300,000 college and university faculty members, the largest network groups in the U.S. Legal attacks, and they describe them as consistently low funding for higher education that adds to the level of student debt and uncertainty for attached trainers. The AAUP’s governing council had previously recommended a partnership with the AFT, under which the AAUP would be an independent, autonomous body. This new alliance is an extension of the long-term relationship between AFT and AAUP. In the future, AFT will contribute to AAUP’s advocacy efforts, and the AFT and AAUP union chapters will be linked to both groups.

“Working together, we will be better equipped to meet the challenges facing higher education — intellectual attacks on history education, legal penetration into academia, investment and long-term funding of public higher education, and consequently the retrenchment of academic staff. Irene Mulvey, president of the AAUP, said in a statement:

AFT President Randy Weingarten, who addressed the AAUP members before the biennial meeting, said after the vote: Ongoing threat to academic freedom and democracy. We will strengthen the marshals to better fight for the resources needed to improve post-secondary education, and we will organize to make academic jobs more sustainable and the promise of higher education more accessible to all. “

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