Another incident of harassment in the state of Cal

An administrator at the California State University Channel Islands has accused the two women of harassing them, saying the case was not handled properly when Sonoma State University moved to campus. Sonoma State President Judy Sakaki is currently accused of failing to properly respond to allegations of harassment against her husband.

The Los Angeles Times The women said, the administrator said. Chanel Islands Gregory Sawyer was engaged in amateur behavior but not harassment. The investigation concluded that he “made inappropriate remarks about the appearance of women, made unwanted hugs to one woman and called another ‘festy’, ‘spicy’ and ‘sassy’. Bar Says

The women said something should have been done about Sakaki Sawyer, who was in Sonoma State until his retirement in 2021. At the time, Sakaki called him “a loyal and beloved campus leader who has made a profound impact on our campus culture.”

Sakaki declined to say whether he had read the investigator’s report on Sawyer.

“One hundred percent, more should have been done. Something had to be discussed – something had to be done, “said Raquel de los Santos, who previously worked for Sawyer. Sakaki “did a disservice to all the students and staff he needed to protect the presidency. He went the other way.”

Sawyer, an email a Bar The reporter called the allegations “baseless” in the investigation.

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