Are you teaching with Minecraft and Roblox? You should

Millions of students use Roblox and Minecraft to create characters and the whole world. As educators explore ways to increase students’ engagement by incorporating real-world relevance into their lessons, their goal is to find creative reasons to use these platforms in the classroom. Should you start teaching with Minecraft and Roblox?

“Why Minecraft? Why Roblox? Your students are already on these platforms and they like them. It doesn’t necessarily make a great learning tool straight from the bat, but there is engagement, ”said Matthew Krutter, Product Manager at Connected Camp during an ISTE Live22 session.

A combined camp team led the session participants through some brief examples of how they could start learning with Minecraft and Roblox with simple coding and building activity.

Meeting students where they are and teaching them content through a platform they are already using creates direct positive results in generating interest in that content. What’s more, Minecraft and Roblox take original ideas from popular games and learning tools and make the possibilities endless.

“The idea that interest-driven learning directly affects the longevity of engagement, drives our belief in the power of Minecraft and Roblox as learning tools,” says Kreutter.

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