Arizona covers tuition for Native Americans

Arizona Native American students will no longer have to pay tuition and fees on the Tucson campus at the University of Arizona from the beginning of this fall, a university news release said Monday.

Full-time students living in Arizona who belong to any of the 22 federally recognized tribes in the state will be eligible for the grant after completing a free application for federal student aid. The Arizona Native Scholar Grant will cover the remaining costs of in-state tuition and any mandatory fees. More than 400 students enrolled at the University of Arizona last year will qualify for the program.

“I am very proud that this university has found a way to help hundreds of students enter and complete college education more easily, and I look forward to finding ways to take these efforts further,” said Robert C., president of the University of Arizona. Robbins said in the release.

The grant program is funded through the redistribution of financial aid dollars and will be managed by the Enrollment Management Office.

“The University of Arizona is committed to recognizing and acknowledging the history endured by the Native American community,” Casey Urquidas, vice president of enrollment management and dean of graduate admissions, said in the release. “We are committed to promoting access and success for Indigenous students. This program is part of our ongoing commitment to serve our indigenous wild cats. “

The move comes as a similar tuition waiver and scholarship program for indigenous students to grow up in colleges and universities across the country.

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