BoomWriter and Walch Education join forces to provide world-class EdTech

Milton-based EdTech developer and publisher, BoomWriter Media Inc., (BoomWriter) Education Powerhouse has merged with Walch Education. It puts the combined company on the map as a leading provider of applications that support the basics of education.

BW Walch, to be known as the Umbrella Company, brings a partnership that provides complete solutions to create exciting classroom experiences for schools and teachers and to provide better learning outcomes for students of all ages.

“It’s a perfect consolidation of power,” said Al Nois, CEO of Walch. “Walch has come up with a platform that has been in use for over 50 years and now we’re adding engagement applications for reading and writing in the classroom.”

“EdTech will inevitably merge with many start-ups in the industry and eliminate a lot of new companies.” Chris Twyman, founder of BoomWriter, adds. “Bringing Walch and BoomWriter together takes us beyond the curve and together we provide a larger portfolio of exciting educational solutions.”

BW Walch’s technology solution has over 1 million registered users. In March 2022 alone, it saw more than 6 million reading logs and more than 72,000 books written, using its unique collaborative writing tools. In 2020/2021 the two companies launched two major technology solutions: GoRead and Curriculum Engine. GoRead won the top award at the BETT Awards and won the Tech Advocates Award, the flagship maths curriculum engine. The curriculum engine and BW Walch’s math content are being used in hundreds of classrooms where thousands of students are achieving outstanding results.

Prior to the merger, BoomWriter acquired the UK-based business Squirrel Learning (Squirrel) and Ax Edge to help enhance activities and service solutions that enable teachers to bring classroom learning into the 21st century. The relationship between BoomWriter and Squirrel has long been established, with BoomWriter having previously invested in the company’s platform.

The acquisitions were made possible by a significant increase in organic revenue as well as significant investments by Alexander Eloriaga, a venture partner of Scale Capital and chairman of SimpleTV. Mr. Eloriagao also joined Boomariter as a strategic advisor. With his extensive experience in the TV industry and a proven track record of leading large-scale operations, Mr. Eloriaga has added educational skills to the Boomwriter team.

“Boomwriter is creating magic in the classroom”, M. Iloriaga. “The ambiguity of the world of entertainment and education is the sacred grill to increase the busyness in the classroom. Boomeranger does this without sacrificing a round of educational experience. “

About Boomerang Media, INC .:
BoomWriter Media, inc., (BoomWriter) is a digital education organization headquartered in Wolverhampton, UK and Milton, USA, which employs children and educators through collaborative content creation and storytelling.

Founded in 2012 by Chris Toyman and Ian Garland, the innovative, web-based publishing platform brings together enthusiastic educators, technology experts, corporate sponsors, enthusiastic parents and students to promote and develop creativity, writing, reading, critical thinking and other essentials. 21st Century Literacy Skills.

Targeting students in grades 2-8 makes them better writers and students. BoomWriter partnered with writers and celebrities to provide the first chapter that stimulates children’s imagination and inspires story collaboration with classmates. More than 37,000 primary, secondary and high school teachers and students in more than 105 countries are already using the platform.
BoomWriter combines creative writing and gamification to provide a unique way for children to write and publish stories. The company provides a competitive writing platform that can be integrated with a variety of curricula.

About Watch Education:
Walch Education is a leading developer and publisher of online teaching and learning solutions and useful curricula. Adapting to the needs of each state and district partner, Walch’s proven solutions give teachers the tools they need to expand and improve their student learning. The company’s curriculum engine leads a new segment of “curriculum-in-service” offers, helping teachers teach more effectively so students can succeed. The Curriculum Engine is a unique turnkey solution, enabling school districts to quickly create high quality resources and respond to the need for purpose-built accelerated learning aids.

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