Carnegie Mellon offers inflation relief to employees

Carnegie Mellon University announced Tuesday that it is offering a one-time payment of $ 1,500 to eligible employees to help combat rising inflation. It is also implementing a merit enhancement program for FY 2023, where employees will receive pay increases based on their performance appraisals.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette It is reported that about 85 percent of the university’s teachers and staff will be eligible for the payout, which will be distributed this month. Those who are excluded from payments include employees starting July 1, 2022 or later; Combined by bargaining agreement; Fixed-term employees who have completed by June 30 of this year; Employees on long-term disability or unpaid leave; Interns and part-time assistants. About 5,000 employees are eligible for the merit pay program, although the expected average increase was not immediately available from Carnegie Mellon.

“As you are aware, and as mentioned during the recent university-wide town halls, we are seeing an increase in food prices, gas pumps, energy costs for our homes, transportation costs, and across society. More, ”President Farnam Jahanian said in a statement. “Ukraine’s tragic war and the disruption of the global supply chain are driving up prices.”

“The work of our outstanding staff and faculty continues to strengthen our research and academic missions, support our students and enhance our reputation and influence. On behalf of the academic and administrative leadership of the University, thank you for your contribution to our mission and for our community.”

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