Civil rights groups demand an end to the IX NDA preconditions

A group of 35 civil rights groups has sent a letter to the Department of Education demanding an investigation into allegations that colleges and universities are demanding that the institution sign an undisclosed agreement before considering the Title IX claim.

The letter said, “The agreements ржи silence on a school’s complaint process and access to other rights or due process are forcible, unrestrained and retaliatory. “They violate federal laws and policies to protect students, many of whom are minors. The schools involved in this practice are creating an unsafe learning environment that disproportionately affects women, girls, students of color and students in the LGBTQI + community. While it is appropriate to place some confidentiality on sensitive and personal information disclosed in the campus complaint process, such an agreement can be achieved in a much better way than requiring unconditional consent. “

The letter further requested that the Department of Education prohibit all use of the Privacy Agreement prior to the IX investigation and inform students of their right to consult before such investigation begins.

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