Colin College Loyola protests Chicago professor’s speech

Colin College has faced multiple complaints about academic freedom, leading to lawsuits from aggrieved former faculty members who argued that they had been fired for exercising their right to freedom of speech. But the latest free speech allegation came from a professor at the University of Chicago Loyola.

Although he does not work for Colin College, Loyola Chicago history professor Benjamin H. Johnson says Johnson was approached by his dean about a complaint raised by Colin College President Neil Matkin about a publicity petition. Dismissal of a Colin professor.

Michael Phillips, who taught history at Colin College for 14 years, complained that his contract was not renewed because he was in favor of removing Confederate monuments in Dallas. Following Phillips’ ouster, Johnson filed a petition with the College’s Southern Association of Colleges and School Commission requesting that it “investigate Colin College’s compliance with SACSCOC provisions on academic independence.” Johnson said the request prompted Matkin to contact Loyola Chicago’s president with a complaint seeking to know if Johnson was speaking on behalf of the organization.

A. Tweet thread Last week, Johnson described Matkin’s move as “an attempt to intimidate me and possibly to list Loyola as an attempt to undermine freedom of assembly and academic freedom.”

The Dallas ObserverAs the first story reported, Colin College did not provide a comment.

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