COVID’s Impact on College Professors (Infographic)

Just as the number of covid cases has decreased and flowed since the spring of 2020, so has the experience of professors and students. Sometimes it all seems manageable, and at other times the stress or fatigue settles down, which makes teaching and learning a struggle.

Free access to survey results: segments and benchmarks.  Exploring information.“This semester, chronic trauma and the resurgence that has been taking place has been really stressful for both faculty and students,” said Rachel A., dean of strategic initiatives and professor of psychology at Fordham University. Anunjiato said the semester is coming to an end. From the professor’s point of view, students are still missing classes and are frequently asked to extend assignment deadlines. They think: How long will it last like this? Will we ever adapt to a new normal?

As seen in a March Student Voice survey of 2,000 undergraduates, many students are experiencing faculty fatigue and frustration যদিও although the epidemic-shared experience, at least for some, results in a new level of understanding for both students and professors and empathy for everyone. Others

Scroll down for a visualization of students’ perceptions of professors published in the survey, which was conducted Inside higher ed And College Pulse with the help of Kaplan.

Read more from the faculty student opinion survey with ideas on how students and professors can build stronger connections at Student Voice News Hub.

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