Crack down unsafe baby sleep products

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Over the years, sleep-deprived parents have become obsessed with advertising baby sleep products that promise success for children in terms of improved sleep, less restlessness, and “facilitating the transition from the womb to the earth.” Despite the concerns of pediatricians, many of these products are available in stores and online that they are unsafe for children. Now, a shaky goal of the national effort is to raise awareness of the risks posed by these few items and crack down on potentially dangerous products.

Last week, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published updated Safe Sleep Recommendations, which for the first time discouraged the use of products such as weighted saddles and weighted sleeping bags, as well as home cardiorespiratory monitors. The popularity of these products has increased since the AAP last published recommendations in 2016 The agency encourages parents to put children to sleep on flat, non-sloping sleeping surfaces, supporting the popularity of slip-on sleepers that have killed at least 94 people in the last 10 years. The guidelines repeat the previous advice that children should sleep in the same room – but not in the same bed – as their caregivers.

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