CUNY thinks faculty, staff and students have lost to Covid-19

New York City University on Tuesday officially remembered faculty and staff members and students who died in COVID-19 two years after the epidemic.

The CUNY system has lost at least 70 students, more than any other university system in the country. Most of those who died did so during the first wave of the epidemic, when New York State led the country in COVID-19-related deaths and New York City was at the center of a public health crisis.

The CUNY Day commemoration ceremony “provided the university community with the first opportunity to collectively mourn and pay their respects to the lost,” a CUNY press release said. The event included reading the names of those killed by people associated with CUNY, including York College President Berencia Johnson Jones and Brooklyn College President Michelle Anderson, whose campus lost 11 people, the 25 most in the system. Campus

“One million Americans lost their lives during the epidemic, and more than 70 of them were part of CUNY families. It’s almost unimaginable, “said William C. Thompson Jr., chair of the CUNY Board of Trustees, in a press release. “They were our friends and our colleagues, our families, our faculty members, our students. We came together as CUNY’s family because we are that person. CUNY is not just a group of organizations. It’s human. It’s students. It’s the soul. That’s what we mean by city and state. “

Félix V. Matos Rodríguez, Chancellor of CUNY, recalls faculty members who taught and mentored thousands of CUNY students and left their mark on their campuses and their fields; students of all ages, with all kinds of backgrounds and dreams; Staff members who were the backbone of their campus.

“This has been a memorablely challenging time for all of us, and the pain of our loss will be long lasting as we continue to fight and adapt to new realities. We miss those we lost and we will always remember their many contributions to CUNY.”

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