Department of Education extends FAFSA verification waiver

The Department of Education will extend the waiver for some verification requirements for a free application for Federal Student Aid. More than 100,000 students could have been forced to suspend or drop out of post-secondary education if the department had not extended the waiver, according to an announcement released on Wednesday.

The FAFSA verification, a process used by colleges and universities to verify data reported in the Federal Financial Assistance Form, has been found to harm low-income students who have been most affected by the economic impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. The Department of Education said the waivers would remove the “administrative burden” for colleges and allow them to focus their resources on helping more at-risk students to attend college.

Justin Drager, president of the National Association, said: “Financial aid administrators across the country will make good use of these waivers, and they will, like last year, quickly-track the financial aid dollars for students stuck in bureaucratic red tape.”

The waivers, which are temporary, were first introduced in July 2021 in an effort to stem the decline in enrollment during the epidemic. Waivers will be extended in the 2022-23 FAFSA cycle.

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