Digital Health Platform Parallel Learning has announced সির 20M funding in a series.

New York, NY (May 26, 2022) – Parallel Learning (parallel) – a digital health platform that provides students with a new way to test, diagnose and empower students with learning and thinking differences. The round was led by Tiger Global with additional participation from Clear Ventures, Barry Sternlich’s JAWS and existing investor, Vine Ventures. The news comes just five months after Parallel’s official launch, with অর্থ 2.8M in previous funding, raising the company’s total capital to $ 22.8M. The new funds will be used to accelerate the national expansion of Parallel to provide end-to-end suites of psychosocial services for students. Parallel services go beyond the initial psychological assessment to provide ongoing support to students, including skills-based tutoring, executive function coaching, and behavioral therapy as of today, as well as speech and language therapy. Services are available directly to families as well as school districts as part of the company’s enterprise offerings.

In parallel, services start in a few days instead of the usual months of waiting and cost a fraction of the cost of traditional services. Parallel provides specialized care faster, more convenient, and more affordable than traditional care options. The company employs licensed psychologists, education specialists, behavioral health therapists, and speech therapists in each state and matches students with providers based on their referral concerns and desired services. After the initial consultation, a student will be assigned to a care team that is specifically scheduled so that the student receives all the recommended services.

“Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with school districts and families to provide the highest quality development services to students across the country,” he said. Diana Heldfund, founder and CEO of Parallel Learning. “With 20 percent of children facing challenges due to differences in education and thinking, we are committed to providing long-term, effective and cost-effective solutions to help those students succeed in and out of the classroom.”

Revenue has increased by an average of 50 per cent per month since the introduction of the parallel. The company has grown its provider network by 150 percent since January, with more than 90 percent retaining. The company recently hired Susan Liu, former VP of Clinical Operations of the online mental health platform Cerebral Inc., as chief operating officer, as well as Robert Steger, formerly from Presence Learning and N2Y, to be the partnership director.

“Parallel’s technology-enabled approach solves the most stressful psychotherapy problems, including high efficiency, scalability and quality of care,” he said. Jay Chen, Partner, Tiger Global. “By partnering with schools and families to not only evaluate students, but also provide virtually best-in-class ongoing support, Parallel is creating an end-to-end digital platform that delivers good results at low cost.”

“As we prioritize investing in positive global business, we are proud to support Parallel because it continues to grow and provides opportunities for student advancement in the United States,” he said. James Joaquin, co-founder and managing director of Clear Ventures. “Parallel First and foremost is committed to helping students. Through its innovative, industry-first platform, Parallel Care expands access and helps children unlock their full potential in an achievable, accessible and affordable way.”

Parallel has been a leader in helping the country’s largest school districts and in tackling one of the most prominent problems facing the American education system: lack of education and lack of accessibility for students in need of behavioral care. Since one in five students have a difference in learning or thinking, and as of January 2022, 44 percent of U.S. schools reported having at least one teaching vacancy, with special education being identified as the location with the most vacancies, requiring proper support for children. And resources to help them succeed. Parallel, which is already active in dozens of U.S. states, aims to increase access to specialized education services nationwide by early 2023 in all U.S. states.

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About parallel learning

Founded in 2021 by Diana Heldfund, Parallel is a universal digital platform that provides comprehensive psychological assessment and support services for students with learning and thinking differences. Employs qualified care providers to provide parallel psychological assessment, skills-based tutoring, executive function coaching, behavioral therapy as well as speech and language therapy. Parallel schedules cost a fraction of the cost of students, traditional providers with a professional in days, and halve the average case time for services. All of Parallel’s providers are licensed, certified and go through a thorough verification process. The company aims to support one in five students who struggle with learning or thinking differences and provide support. For more information, go

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