Dispute over the president of Oregon Tech

The Oregon Institute of Technology’s faculty Senate executive committee sent a “letter of concern” to the university’s board and complained of “negligence” to the university’s board, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

Concerns have been raised about the board’s decision to extend President Nagy Naganathan’s contract by five years. Student government, OIT associate students also voted no confidence in the board.

The faculty had earlier voted no confidence in Naganathan. Faculty and students noted that the board had entered into an agreement with a company to conduct a review of Naganathan’s leadership, but that it had voted to extend its contract before receiving a company report.

The OIT board also began the process of conducting a “climate survey” last year to address tensions between the administration and students and staff. Final results have not been released, but ModernThink – the company contracted with OIT to manage it – discussed preliminary results in April. These results indicate that the lack of confidence in Naganathan’s leadership is “widely and deeply contained” throughout the campus.

Jessica Gomez, OIT’s Board Chair, said: “Significantly, Oregon Tech is already actively involved in addressing the initial assessment data and will continue to address campus climate issues once the assessment is finalized.” While it is understandable that these steps do not seem to be coming fast enough to some stakeholders, they are moving forward and making progress. “

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