Faculty complaints about the Chancellor’s inquiry

An unsigned “statement of concern” from faculty members stated that the Eastern Iowa Community College Board was violating its own core values ​​and professional standards, with a presidential inquiry reported. The Quad-City Times. Four members of the faculty spoke to the board of trustees at this week’s meeting and cited the statement.

On March 31, the board names the two finalists and then votes to extend the search a few days later.

Faculty Members Charge:

  • There was no email notification of the meeting where the search was extended.
  • The meeting was held only through Zoom View, non-members could not participate.
  • The extension was unfair to the two named finalists, one a woman and the other a black man. “Apparently the problem was not so much that there were two candidates; Instead, the problem is that these were the only two candidates, ”the statement said.

The Board issued the statement: “It is important for us to hear the concerns expressed in this statement about the Chancellor’s inquiry, and we are committed to working with all our stakeholders to ensure that the College is ready to meet our needs. Students and communities, now and in the future. “

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