George Washington University ‘Colonials’ will drop Monica

George Washington University will stop using colonial monica during the 2023-24 school year or whenever it decides to replace it. The board of trustees announced the decision on Wednesday, almost two years after the formation of a special committee to consider the matter.

Grace Spites, chair of the board, said in a statement: “We made this decision only after a thoughtful and thoughtful process that took into account the different perspectives of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and the athletics community. “A moniker must unite our community, bring people together and serve as a source of pride. We look forward to the next step in an inclusive process to identify a Moniker who fulfills this aspiration. “

Introduced in 1929, Monica has faced criticism in recent years for being associated with colonial-colonialism. In 2018, a student-led petition for nickname replacement has more than 500 student signatures; It argued that Moniker “has a very deep connection with colonialism and glorifies the work of systematic oppression.” In April 2019, 54 percent of GW students voted in favor of the name change in a schoolwide referendum.

The colonial name is used for campus building and printing services, ranging from GW sports teams and merchandise. The university did not name any possible replacements, but some suggestions from 2019 students included Revolutionary, Riverhorse and Hippos.

In a statement, GW Interim President Mark Wrighton called the university’s approach to the decision “ethical.”

“We must lead with our values, strengths and the diversity of the community at George Washington University,” Wrighton said. “While some may not agree with this result, the process has determined that changing Monica is the right decision for our university.”

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