Here are 5 tips to keep your teachers busy during school shortages

The epidemic-related stress and uncertainty of the last two years has exhausted teachers, and even school districts are returning to normalcy. A recent study by the National Education Association (NEA) found that teachers were burned, with 67 percent of members reporting it as a very serious problem and 90 percent as extremely serious or somewhat serious.

Most schools are completely open to private learning, but the absence of epidemics-related educators and school staff, coupled with continued teacher turnover, results in school staff shortages. In fact, 74 percent of respondents to the NEA survey reported that they had to enroll for peers or take on other responsibilities because of a lack of school staff in their school or district.

This is the first time in my career that I have faced daily struggle to make up for the shortage of school staff due to teacher turnover or sick or quarantined staff. As school leaders, it is crucial that we work together to reduce teacher turnover problems to help alleviate staff shortages.

Here are some recommendations I used in my high school and found useful.

Protect teachers from unnecessary information

Academics are already overwhelmed with everything on their plate, and it’s the administration’s job not to put too much pressure on them. To reduce stress, filter out everything except the most stressful or necessary things to share with teachers that will help them manage information.

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