Here’s how IT leaders can keep district networks secure

IT teams understand how important cyber security measures are, but many struggle to figure out where to start when their resources are limited.

And while Kovid privately closes the classroom, it also encourages cybercriminals seeking to infiltrate school district networks. Data security breaches সহ including ransomware attacks, phishing, and unauthorized disclosures কোন show no signs of slowing down, and K-12 IT leaders need to be prepared.

The threat of the K-12 education network will never be eliminated, but there are strategies to successfully protect sensitive school district information. Want to know more? Join a conversation with fellow edtech leaders and experts as they share best practices for keeping your networks safe and healthy, both in the technical aspects software and services এবং and the humanities পেশাদার professional development and community education.

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IT teams understand how important cyber security measures are, but many struggle to figure out where to start when their resources are limited.

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