High-achieving black students from Colorado get over 2 million

Colorado Springs, Colo., May 19, 2022 – The Sachs Foundation, an organization that has provided college scholarships to Black Coloradans since 1931, announced today that it has provided more than মিল 2 million in scholarships for talented black students in the Centennial State over the past year. Scholars at the Sachs Foundation are graduating and graduating from prestigious historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) such as Yale, Stanford, MIT, Harvard and Cornell, as well as top institutions from coast to coast and Howard University, as well as universities and colleges in Colorado.

The Foundation has awarded 52 scholarships over the past year to exceptional black students around Colorado, including Aurora, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Commerce City, Denver, Fountain, Gypsum, Lafayette, Lakewood, Lamar and Woodland Park. The students who have received support from the Sachs Foundation this year have not only excelled academically but have already made a positive impact in their community through their achievements in arts, athletics and volunteerism. More than half of the students are the first generation of their families to attend college.

To celebrate student excellence this year, the Foundation has sponsored a branch for students and guests of the 2022 Sachs Foundation Scholarship Program at Penrose House in Colorado Springs. Guest speakers were Clint Smith, a journalist, academician, New York Times Best Selling Author, Popular YouTube Host, Award Winning Poet and Working Writer Atlantic.

The Henry Sass Foundation, a resident of Pikes Peak, was created during the Great Depression, when Dolphus Strude was awarded the first Sex Foundation Scholarship. Since then, the Sachs Foundation has provided financial and / or counseling support to more than 3,000 talented black students in Colorado. Over the years, Sachs Foundation scholarship recipients have achieved personal success and enriched their communities through distinguished careers in many professions, including arts, medicine, science, engineering and public service.

“Society has changed since the time of Henry Shakespeare, but statistics confirm year after year that Black Coloradans still face significant barriers to academic and professional achievement, so our mission remains as relevant as ever,” said Ben Ralston, President, Sachs Foundation. “This year’s scholarship recipients are incredibly bright academically but committed to their community and eager to help others. We are honored to be able to provide them with the support they need to fulfill their dreams. “

Last year, the Sachs Foundation celebrated 90 years of providing opportunities for black students. The Foundation offers annual applications for black residents of Colorado between January 1 and March 15. Eligible students and their families are encouraged to apply. Scholarships are based on educational qualifications, financial needs and character. Learn more at www.sachsfoundation.org.

About the Sachs Foundation

Founded in 1931 by Henry Sachs, a resident of Pikes Peak, the Sachs Foundation provides scholarship programs designed to help Black Coloradians overcome inequality and reach their full academic potential. Over the decades, the Foundation has helped thousands of talented black students graduate and graduate from universities across the United States, raising millions through its unique education equity approach. Learn more about the Sachs Foundation, student success stories and how to apply for a scholarship grant at www.sachsfoundation.org.

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