How our reading platform has changed our direction

Almost all students To be able to Even though they have learned how to read, only 35 percent of them are reading skillfully. This widening gap seems insurmountable, but the key is teachers Mostly Essential elements for students’ reading success.

However, the problem here is as I see it: only half of all educational institutions effectively prepare teachers for literacy instruction. And while it’s easy to assume that schooling, postgraduate and pre-service training prepare us well enough to go to the classroom and teach students how to read, the reality is that this training is not enough.

Teachers need more to master reading instruction in the true sense. Fortunately, the former director of our cooperative recognized this and started using the LETRS (Language required for reading and spelling teachers) suite. The program teaches the skills needed to master the basics of reading instruction, including phonetic awareness, phonology, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, writing and language.

I was already familiar with the professional learning platform when I joined Monroe One BOCES and knew it would provide a comprehensive learning experience for teachers. In fact, it supports educators’ professional education through a modern, mixed approach with the availability of digital and print resources, and offers virtual face-to-face interactive sessions and an interactive platform for specific asynchronous professional education for each unit. At Monroe One, we encourage the use of interactive platforms as a complementary tool, but we don’t need it.

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