How the Weston School District has developed a digital strategy, including digital signage, 15

(May 12, 2022) –– Rise Vision has released a new case study for the Weston School District, a small school district serving three rural communities in Cazenovia, Hillpoint, and Lime Ridge, Weston, with a student population of 300. While the Weston School District does not face the problems of a very large school, it does face its own challenges.

Amanda Keller, who has been the director of social media and public relations in Weston for the past 4 years, discusses the challenges of her students’ districts across 12 years of compulsory education. In 2018, Weston fought families to keep up to date with printed, physical newsletters.

‘Before we reached out to our families and communities, we knew it was frustrating to spend so much time in communication,’ Keller continued. ‘The creation of bulletin boards was also time consuming which was very limited in how we could use it. These bulletin boards also had to be repeatedly redesigned to keep the images current. ‘

Thanks to Amanda, Weston has multiple digital communication channels: a school website, a social media channel, and a school app. The transformation was facilitated by Rise Vision’s device agnosticism. Keller says, ‘The original TVs we used for Rise Vision Monitor were used in the classroom before. This allows the school to experiment and gain experience with the value of Rise Vision for themselves without making significant investments in hardware. We recommend that schools look for a digital signage solution that allows them to use the resources they already have.

In our recent case study, learn about the use of Rise Vision digital signage placed near locations where students (and visitors) are likely to slow down or stop to improve attention and retention: How the Weston School District has created a digital strategy with digital signage, 15 minutes at a time.

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