How to keep your district’s IT safe, yet accessible

In the fight against cyber attacks, schools need versatile solutions that update, adapt and scale to support everyone inside and outside the classroom.

Cyber ​​attacks against educational institutions have skyrocketed এবং and keeping students ‘and educators’ information safe and secure is a top priority.

In a school news webinar, cybersecurity and school district IT experts share tips on how to implement Microsoft tools and systems to ensure your IT is secure, accessible and easy to manage.

Experts dive into the following tips:

  • Cloud Security: Monitoring, detection, and secure data protection.
  • Trust and Security Suite: To protect automatic consent templates and AI-powered protection devices and apps.
  • Compliant Director: Includes over 900 customizable controls and over 200 compliance templates, including FERPA and COPPA.
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ISTELive 22 Wrap!

School News

School News

ISTELive 22 Wrap!


Cyber ​​attacks against educational institutions have skyrocketed এবং and keeping students ‘and educators’ information safe and secure is a top priority.

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