Is K-12 ready for skill-based recruitment?

Very few silver linings have emerged from the global epidemic related to education, but one of them is a crystal view on the importance of “skills visibility”. Skills are becoming and will soon be the currency of the new emerging global talent and recruitment ecosystem.

This means that students and earners will be judged and not digitally discovered by their college head, their clubs and activities and a summary of the paper listing their job experiences, but will be digitally discovered by the employer search engine that sets the algorithm. To search for named skills (thus, skills become currency).

Why is this view emerging? In the Education Design Lab, where we’ve been creating and designing new education models based on the needs of the “new majority of students” for eight years, we ourselves have been amazed at how quickly the Covid-19 epidemic has accelerated three key factors.

One: There is a growing recognition that employers want to move to a “skills-based” recruitment system. The Society for Human Resource Management has just published a survey that suggested that 70 percent of employers want to evaluate candidates based on the skills they display. This is to send better signals for career preparation and diversifying their workforce, believing that opening professional career tracks for those without a college degree will help feed their recruitment pipelines.

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