Jefferson County Public School Math and Reading NWEA Map Growth Score Increases

Auburn, Mass. June 23, 2022 – Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) students who participated in an online tutoring session with FEV Tutor, K-12’s most comprehensive virtual tutoring solution, demonstrated an accelerated rate of growth compared to national norms in both math and reading on NWEA MAP Growth. . Evaluation. Students who participated in higher levels of FEV tutors showed the greatest gain, exceeding the national RIT growth rule, as well as non-participants and students who completed less than the recommended dose.

JCPS, an urban Kentucky school district that provides high-quality education for 96,000 students, was analyzed to increase RIT scores from winter to spring in the 2021-22 school year. Students participating in the recommended doses of tutoring with FEV tutors showed a 32% faster increase in both math and reading than national norms.

JCPS began their partnership with FEV Tutor in December 2020 to connect students with the tutoring support they needed. To date, FEV Tutor has provided over 60,000 hours of live one-to-one instruction to 7,000 students in JCPS’s 116 schools. Online tutoring sessions are available for students in grades 3-12 and focus on the basics of math, English, science and social studies. Tutors are available on weekdays from 7 to 10 a.m., and students can schedule lessons or choose 24/7 tutoring with on-demand sessions. The service can also be accessed on weekends.

The FEV Tutor online tutoring platform JCPS allows students to interact with a live tutor through the chat function as well as share their screens or upload videos or documents. FEV lessons can be translated into multiple languages, giving English language students a tool to help them with their school work.

To accelerate students’ learning through high-dose tutoring, JCPS leaders have prioritized the incorporation of design principles for effective tutoring from the Annenberg Institute into their FEV Tutor Foundation program design.

Nicole W. Adele, principal of Newburgh Middle School, said: “I would recommend the FEV tutor because one live tutor is present with each student. “Our students feel comfortable taking chances and working through problems because they know they have their own personal tutor if they have questions.”

About FEV Tutor

Based in Boston, FEV Tutor is a leading Level 2 ESSA research and evidence-based online tutoring platform working nationally to transform K-12 education. Its intervention programs are strategically designed to accelerate learning for each student in close collaboration with each partner school, district, charter school and other organizations. FEV Tutor uses technology to deliver 1: 1 high-impact and transformative personalized learning paths through live, virtual tutoring sessions. For more information about FEV Tutor, visit or follow Twitter

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