Journal editors resign in protest

Chief Editor Child development And Perspectives on child developmentRespectively, the Society for Research and Child Development has publicly resigned, citing concerns over “erosive editorial autonomy” and “the marginal and silent voices of various leaders,” which are published in journals. “It is our observation that the SRCD is being severely mismanaged, creating a toxic environment where dissenting voices are forcibly expelled or otherwise marginalized, resulting in endless turnover for both those who work for society as well as those who selflessly provide essentials. Services, ”resigned editors Glenn Roisman and Judith Smetana wrote an open resignation letter to the Society’s executive director, Saima Hedrick.

In one example of such alleged behavior, Raisman and Smetana accused the “leadership” of society of withholding an academic memo in order to call for greater transparency in the matter. Child developmentIts review policy and procedure. In another example, outgoing editors have accused society leaders of trying to silence their science director.

Hedrick, executive director, said in an email that “we are limited by law to what we can say about staff and contractor (editors) issues. However, what I can tell you is that the SRCD is always concerned about the scientific integrity of our journals and the process of scientific review.” The role has been and continues to be deeply committed. We are deeply sorry for the editors’ resignation. We hold each and every one of them in the highest esteem. “

The Society’s Governing Council has sent a separate letter to its members confirming its commitment to editorial integrity and its commitment to building an “inclusive, dignified environment”.

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