Kansas sets the standard for general education to facilitate transfers

The Kansas Board of Regents last week approved a measure that would standardize general education requirements to make it easier for students to transfer to state institutions.

The effort resulted in almost two years of overhaul of credit policies, Topeka-Capital Journal Has been reported, and will officially take effect in the fall of 2024 Officials say the goal is to help transfer students and recognize that not all students will receive 120 credits for a bachelor’s degree from the same college. Some majors and programs at state universities may be excluded from general education requirements upon request and after review.

Community colleges can also opt out on request and the structure does not apply to technical colleges that focus on workforce development.

Students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees must take the following courses:

  • English (six credit hours)
  • Arts and Humanities (six credit hours)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (six credit hours)
  • Natural and Physical Sciences (four to five credit hours, including the need for a lab)
  • Contact (three credit hours)
  • Math & Statistics (three credit hours)

Topeka-Capital Journal Reports that each organization will have the flexibility to set its own preferred six credit hours on “social issues, local needs and institutional priorities”.

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