Lack of understanding of Asian American history Violence, isolation,

As a social studies teacher and a Chinese-American immigrant, I am subconsciously asking myself the following questions: How do Asian Americans view the American public? What stereotypes and misconceptions abound?

More importantly: How can policy and education help us improve our situation in the United States? And – the national census on racial injustice since 2020, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the ongoing debate over critical racial theories – how can we reconsider U.S. history and civic education curricula to be more inclusive and equitable?

Now, a new annual report from the advocacy firm LAAUNCH on attitudes toward Asian Americans provides some troubling answers to these few questions. The report, published in May during the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, surveyed more than 5,000 Americans from a variety of backgrounds and included findings on Asian American stereotypes, visibility and acceptance.

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