Lecturer has been re-appointed for student clashes

Courtney Lawton, a lecturer and graduate student at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, did not infringe on her rights when she ended her teaching career in 2017 after taking part in a violent protest against a conservative student group on campus, a judge ruled last week.

Lawton, who argued that his First Amendment rights had been violated, sparked controversy in the state of Kornhaskar when he clashed with a graduate student and blew him up, causing political pressure from state Republicans on the university leadership to go viral. , Which has led to claims that UNL is hostile to conservative students.

As UNL pressure mounted, Lawton was removed from the classroom, leading the American Association of University Professors to condemn the university for its academic independence.

A judge, however, did not see things like Lawton, Lincoln-Journal Star According to the report newspaper, U.S. District Court Judge Brian Bushcher ruled that Sovereign Immunity prevents lawsuits filed by Lawton against the Nebraska Board of Regents and other officials.

Lawton, who had been a lecturer for less than two weeks at the time of the shooting, told the paper he had “denied justice” and still believed his First Amendment rights had been violated.

Lawton does not plan to appeal the outcome of the case, Lincoln Journal-Star Report

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