Louisiana lawmakers will review term policy

Both chambers of the Louisiana Legislature have now passed a resolution calling for an in-depth review of merit and term requirements, for a study of public post-secondary term policies, and for a term policy recommendation with specific proposals for legislation. The most recent state (or state university system) considers changing or modifying faculty term security.

The resolution acknowledges a link between tenure and academic independence but also seems to cast doubt on the tradition of tenure, stating that “post-education students should be confident that they are being exposed to a spectrum of dissenting views; Grades; and that faculty members are not using their courses for political, ideological, religious or anti-religious purposes. “

The Louisiana Illuminator Reportedly, Tristan Denley, a former Georgia university system administrator who last year designed the controversial posttenture-review changes approved by the Board of Regents for that system, is now the Louisiana Board of Regents’ Deputy Commissioner for Academic Affairs and Innovation. The Louisiana resolution does not require official approval and a final report is expected next year.

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