Madison Metropolitan School District Selects Open Up Resource and Kidom Two

Madison, WI – Today, Open the resource And Kidam Announcement Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD)) Has selected its top-rate EL Education K-5 Learning Language Arts (ELA) curriculum for its 31 primary schools in support of the district’s efforts to prioritize primary literacy and beyond. Open Up Resources, a non-profit, works to increase equity education by making the highest quality curriculum accessible to educators, and Kidam is the first universal education platform for high quality digital curriculum.

MMSD’s investment will enable its teachers to use the ELA curriculum:

Share assignments digitally;

Communicate with students and provide personal feedback on submissions;

Prioritize students’ reading skills and knowledge of science and social studies content;

গ্রহণ Adopt a full-service, multi-year professional education plan from EL Education to assist teachers; And

● Access to peer-to-peer communication within Open Up’s K-5 EL Education digital community.

“MMSD is deeply committed to accelerating the achievements of all our scholars,” he said. Cynthia Green, MMSD Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning. “This rigorous curriculum integrates the experiences of our diverse communities in meaningful and innovative ways. We are thrilled to invest in this unprecedented level of curriculum for our school district – the greatest commitment to literacy in over a decade – and to the potential for this extraordinary dividend for our future generations of scholars. “

“By moving forward with a high-quality, enjoyable, engaging curriculum where students can reflect themselves and their living experiences in rich texts, the Madison Metropolitan School District is filling this uniquely challenging moment for educators and students alike. Combining a high-quality curriculum with an accessible digital platform will provide a new framework for closing teacher and student achievement gaps across district schools and ensuring a brighter future for the next generation of Wisconsin leaders. Jessica Reed Sliversky, CEO of Open Up Resources.

“Kidom believes that a high-quality core curriculum is essential for delivering an outstanding education. Our partnership with Open Up Resources will provide MMSD with this high-quality, interactive curriculum and the tools students need to positively impact results. The inclusion of this top-rated ELA curriculum in KIDM’s digital platform empowers teachers with flexibility in how they use and deliver the curriculum, provides effective insights into curriculum use and student effectiveness, and simplifies complex workflows to increase student engagement. ” Ahsan Rizvi, CEO of Kidam.

“Every day we see educators go beyond their highest aspirations, catalyzing tremendous student growth when they gain access to a research-based, culturally assured language art curriculum. We are honored to work with Madison Academics and Open Up Resources to implement our curriculum, engage with aligned professional learning, and celebrate what students and teachers can do through access to powerful instructional tools, ”he said. Scott Hartl, President and CEO of EL EducationAuthor of EL Education K-8 Language Arts course.

About opening the resource

An open-up resource is a 501 (c) (3) that exists to promote equality in education by providing the highest quality curriculum freely accessible to educators and a large number of teachers implement assistance, enabling them to improve student outcomes effectively and sustainably. Pre-K-12 English Language Arts and Mathematics. To learn more about Open Up Resource’s mission and work, click here.

About Kidam

Kidom is the first universal learning platform for high quality digital curriculum. It integrates curriculum management, instruction, assessment, and communication tools into one solution, saving schools valuable time, resources, and money. With the flexibility to access and edit curricula from anywhere, Kiddom is the only learning platform that can effectively support teachers and students involved in quick pivots between them in class, mixed, hybrid or distance learning situations. Headquartered in San Francisco with an office in New York City, Kidom Hall is a team of enthusiastic educators, designers and developers enabling all teachers and students to unlock their full potential. To learn more, visit

About EL Education

EL Education is a national non-profit organization that partners with K-12 educators to transform public schools and districts into centers of opportunity to achieve excellent results for all students. EL Education embraces the talents of each child and is guided by a vision of equality of education through a redesigned definition of student achievement. EL Education offers research-proven resources and practices, including acclaimed EL Education K-8 language arts curriculum, core practice, and aligned professional education. EL Education was founded in 1991 and currently serves 440,000 students from different communities across the country. Learn more at

Madison Metropolitan School District

The Madison Metropolitan School District is the second largest school district in Wisconsin and serves more than 26,500 students in 52 schools. The district covers all or part of the towns of Madison and Fitchburg, and about 74 square miles, including the villages of Shorewood Hills and Maple Bluff, and the towns of Blooming Grove, Burke, and Madison.

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