Marlin works with mind to increase the productivity and support of the Promethean classroom

Seattle / PRNewswire / – Promethean3A leading global education technology company, today announced that it has entered into a US-based exclusive distribution agreement with Merlyn Mind, Inc. Under the new agreement, Promethean will distribute the Symphony Classroom3, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that brings Merlyn Digital Assistant to teachers powered by voice-activated AI. With the alliance, customers will be able to purchase Symphony classrooms directly through a network of Promethean resellers.

Symphony Classroom provides custom-built Marilyn digital assistants for unique learning needs – enabling teachers to use voice commands or remotes to control their laptops, interactive displays, internet browsers, apps and more. Powered by EdgeAI of Symphony Classroom3 Technology that provides lightning-fast responsiveness allows Merlyn teachers to move around the classroom so they can interact with students, simplifies day-to-day classroom tasks, and improves overall efficiency and productivity.

“Promethean’s ActivePanel is the interactive display of choice for millions of teachers who rely on technology to drive students’ engagements and awaken their imagination,” said Promethean CEO Vin Rierra. “By adding Symphony classrooms to our portfolio, we will facilitate incoherent teaching for teachers, supporting a student-centered environment that enhances participation.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Promethean will have the right to license the sale of Symphony Classroom to new and existing customers across the United States, providing educators with innovative solutions that transform learning and collaboration. Symphony Classroom offer includes feature updates, software patches and a hardware warranty.

“At Merlyn Mind, we’re using recent advances in AI to create transformative technologies that give teachers what they want most – the freedom to teach,” said Satya Nitta, co-founder and CEO of Marilyn Mind. “The AI ​​software platform makes it possible for Merlin to quickly respond to teacher orders and integrate with everyday applications to make it easier for teachers to work and integrate teachers to spend more time with students. Our new relationship with Promethean brings a solution for teachers’ classroom management that already uses the most tools and technology educators with the best AI and advanced technology. “

Learn more about Promethean and Merlyn Mind here.

About Promethean

Promethean is a leading education technology company working to transform the world into a way of learning and collaborating. Since our founding in Blackburn, England more than 25 years ago, today in our global activities in 22 countries, we have continued to explore, innovate and inspire — designing the tools of learning and collaboration that are built for success. Our award-winning interactive displays, ActivePanel, and lesson delivery software, Activinspire and ClassFlow, are designed to engage students, connect with peers, and bring brilliance to everyone. With its headquarters in Seattle, Washington and worldwide office, Promethean is a member of the NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (HKSE: 0777) Group of Companies. Check us out at

About Marilyn Mind

Merlyn Mind is the AI ​​technology company behind Merlyn, the digital assistant for education. Merlyn integrates seamlessly with classrooms and existing edtech tools to automate the day-to-day workflow of teachers so they can focus more time and attention on students. Merlin is accessed through a symphony classroom, a custom-built AI hub for unique learning needs. Supported by Marilyn Mind Learn Capital. The company has attracted top talent from IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Broadcom, Allen Institute for AI and other innovative companies. Merlin Mind is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit

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