Move to Princeton Fire Professor

Princeton University wants to fire classist Joshua Katz, Kotsen professor of humanities Washington Free Beacon Report Katz and his supporters say he is being targeted for commenting on racial justice, in a 2020 article in which he referred to a black student group as a “small local terrorist organization.” Princeton sought to release Katz because of his sexual relations with an undergraduate in the mid-2000s, which Princeton investigated in 2018. After that investigation, Katz was approved (but not fired) for that relationship, but Princeton reopened the case in 2021 after new allegations surfaced.

According to Free beacon, A former student with whom Katz had an affair did not participate in the 2018 investigation but worked with investigators in 2021, alleging that Katz sexually harassed her. The harassment claim was reportedly dropped, but Princeton found new violations of the policy, including one in which Katz discouraged students from seeking counseling. Katz denies the new findings and says he is a matter of “dual danger.” Princeton declined to comment on the case Thursday.

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