Notre Dame Updates Fight Song Lyrics to Include Women

The University of Notre Dame is updating its fight songs to mention “daughters” and “sons”, the university announced on Thursday. The move coincides with the 50th anniversary of the university’s decision to admit female graduates

The fight song “Notre Dame Victory March” is preceded by “When her loyal boys are marching / marching towards victory.” In the new version, the line becomes “when his loyal sons and daughters / march to victory.” The updated version was served for the first time at a festival on campus on Thursday night.

The university is redesigning the core campus on campus to “honor the profound impact that women have had on the university.” These changes are in line with Notre Dame’s decision to admit women, as well as to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Title IX Pass.

“The success that Notre Dame has enjoyed is due to the extraordinary leadership and contributions of women who were part of the Notre Dame community যারা from the four Holy Cross sisters who arrived in the Indiana Desert in 1843 to leadership, teaching, learning, ministers and work here today,” the statement said. Reverend John I. Jenkins, president of the university, said: “On the anniversary of the graduation of women in 1972, we celebrate the invaluable contribution of women as students and graduates. Will be. “

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