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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – (June 3, 2022) – Millions of high school students are expected to hit the books to help close the epidemic education gap in summer schools, start on a jam-packed schedule, or repeat failed classes. As a result, teachers are looking for educational tools that engage students and help them compete with summer distractions.

“Summer school teachers have to work extra hard to keep students engaged,” said Julie Smithman, who taught social studies in high school for eight years and now works at Certell, Inc. Director of Content Management for the Poptential ™ Family Free Social Study course. .

According to ThinkImpact, about 3.4 million students attended summer school in 2020 and 40% were absent every day. One proven way to keep students engaged is to use pop culture media to portray core learning concepts.

“Courses like Potential, which influences course content with pop culture media, really appeals to digital-native students and makes learning fun and effective,” Schmiderman said.

For example, the Poptential’s Government (Civics) course includes a sketch by Monty Python to illustrate John Locke’s idea of ​​legitimate government. Its economics course uses a clip from the Pan Stars show to illustrate the role of mediator.

“Today’s students have the opportunity to tell digital stories through highly visible and diverse platforms,” ​​said Schmiderman. “Using digital storytelling to help students learn can be educational and entertaining and can help them develop critical thinking skills.”

A survey conducted by Project Tomorrow® shows that 90% of teachers using Poptential say it enhances their effectiveness in the classroom and 84% of students say mentioning pop culture helps them learn.

Potential courses are used by more than 30,000 teachers in 50 states. The free curriculum includes everything a teacher needs to teach a digitally accessible subject in one place, including lessons, ebooks, bell rings, quizzes and exams, to make teaching interesting and relevant. Curriculum packages are value-based and developed by teachers of social studies.

Probable course packages for American History, World History, US Government / Civics, and Economics are available free of charge at www.certell.org.

About Certell, Inc.

Certell is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit that aims to nurture a generation of independent thinkers. More than 30,000 teachers from across the United States have signed up to use Certell’s Poptential ™ Family Free Social Studies course, and thousands more students have reached out through Certell’s law-and-economics college-level courses and SensibleSchool™ instruction for home-schoolers. Have been, employees, and prisoners. The finalist for the EdTech Digest Award for Sortel curriculum and instructional solutions, known as the 2021 Tech and Learning Best Tool for Back to School, the 2021 Tech Advocate Finalist, and the 2021 Bronze Award from the National Association of Economics Educators. For more information, visit certell.org or Twitter @ CertellOrg.

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