PowerMyLearning 2022 honors students, families and teachers in Innovative Learning

New York (PRWEB) May 16, 2022 – PowerMyLearning, a K-12 nonprofit that unlocks the power of collaboration between families, teachers and students, is recognized by Brooklyn Landmark Elementary for its exemplary resilience across epidemics. On Tuesday, May 10, at the nonprofit Innovative Education Awards, a student-family-teacher “trio” was honored with the Triangle Award to show how both teachers and families play an important role in academic achievement and student welfare.

“Today’s students are facing unprecedented trauma from the epidemic which is an important need to double-down on students’ well-being. The school community at Brooklyn Landmark Elementary understands that a strong support system involves both teachers and parents, “said Elizabeth Stock, CEO and co-founder of PowerMillerning. “So PowerMyLearning gives our Triangle Award each year to an exceptional student, attendant and teacher.”

The winners of the Triangle Award from Brooklyn Landmark Elementary are:

  • Zahid, Student of the Year
  • Kerian Henry, Parent of the Year
  • Nusrat Sikder-Ali, Teacher of the Year

“I’m proud of Zahid, Kerian and Mrs. Sikder,” said Joyce Beckels-Knights, principal of Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School. “With the help of PowerMyLearning, our school community has brought our scholars, teachers and families together in an education that extends from school to home.”

PowerMyLearning is a national K-12 non-profit organization with a track record of accelerating student learning up to four months and improving core student wellness outcomes by 15 percent. PowerMyLearning builds on these results to build the capacity of teachers and families to better support students’ learning and team up with each other in an effort that the organization describes as a “triangle approach.”

“Through PowerMyLearning, I’ve learned small but effective ways to improve my instruction. For example, applying ‘Think Time’ to reflect and internalize what my students have learned and adding classical music to facilitate reflection has supported my students’ learning and well-being, ”said Nusrat Sikder-Ali, a teacher at Brooklyn Landmark Elementary and Triangle. Recipient of the Teacher of the Year award. “I look forward to engaging students and parents through the Triangle approach so that we can achieve more together.”

To learn more about PowerMyLearning and to support its mission, visit https://powermylearning.org/.

About PowerMyLearning
PowerMyLearning is a national K-12 nonprofit that unlocks the power of collaboration between families, educators and students. The agency serves approximately 45,000 students in more than 15 school districts across the country. Through “The Triangle of Learning”, PowerMyLearning partners with school districts to advance educational equality, improve students’ socio-emotional learning, and accelerate student learning. To learn more, visit http://www.PowerMyLearning.org.

About the Brooklyn Landmark Early
At Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School, scholars are given the power to choose how they will learn and what voices they will learn. The school provides innovative, unique instruction that addresses scholars’ unique learning styles, develops independent thinking, promotes character building, and enables students to contribute their ideas locally and globally. Brooklyn Landmark Experience guides scholars as they develop a sense of their identity and purpose in this world. The school is largely dedicated to developing citizens who will be the decision makers in tomorrow’s society. Scholars at the Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School inspire greatness among others, allow their voices to be heard worldwide, and create change through their actions and efforts. By giving their scholars a voice in how they will learn and what they will learn, the school is laying the groundwork for the best college and critical thinkers needed in the 21st century workplace.

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