Professor who tweeted about ‘Black Privilege’ is reinstated

The University of Central Florida must reinstate Charles Negi, an associate professor of psychology who resigned last year after his social media comments about “black privilege,” an arbitrator has been found. The decision of the arbitrator was centered on dismissal for the only reason provision in the Negro Union Agreement. According to, Negi maintained that he had “done nothing wrong” and blamed a social media “mob” for his shooting. Negy added that UCF blamed him for not reporting many years ago that two students had complained that a teacher assistant had approached them: “If a student tells me that someone is talking to them romantically, and they tell me that they are theirs. Didn’t touch, I’m not obliged to report it. “

The university said in a statement that it “supports the right of faculty members to academic freedom and the First Amendment right of everyone in our campus community to express their views freely and we encourage the expression of different views in a civic manner.” At the same time, it said, “The UCF stands by the steps taken after a thorough investigation that has repeatedly found misconduct in Professor Negir’s classroom, including forcing his views on religion, gender and race. However, we are bound to abide by the arbitrator’s verdict. “

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