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Seattle, WA and New Orleans, LA – June 27, 2022– Promethean, a leading global education technology company, has announced an all-new ActivePanel with ActivSync that provides the strongest, seamless, and secure user experience ever. With the new interactive panel, Promethean meets the intuitive, sophisticated technology needs of teachers and IT administrators that enable a seamless classroom experience. With its easy, secure sign-in options, streamlined connectivity to content, flexible lesson delivery software and personalized user experience, ActivPanel 9 provides teachers with the tools they need to transform how they use technology.

After listening to more than 1,300 customers around the world, Promethean has designed interactive panels to facilitate navigation in a changed environment. The only interactive panel with ActivSync, Promethean’s patented technology, eliminates digital barriers between devices and enables enhanced connectivity, customizable settings and improved mobility so teachers can move around the classroom freely. Furthermore, Promethean redesigned the user experience, providing a solution for instructional models, such as hybrid, synchronous and asynchronous learning that integrates hardware and software in all situations.

“With our commitment to empowering teachers to transform learning and collaboration, ActivePanel 9 is our most innovative release to date,” said Lance Solomon, Promethean’s chief product officer. “We have created an interactive panel to address the challenges that teachers, IT administrators and district officials face in making them safer, easier to use and work better with other technologies in their classrooms.”

Designed for the global education landscape, the interactive panel has new features to meet the core needs of educators:

  • Simplicity: The new ActivePanel includes a simple user interface that requires minimal training, allowing teachers to use the panel from day one when their lessons are streamlined and support levels for IT managers are reduced.
  • Connectivity: ActivSync automatically connects to other classroom devices, allowing teachers to easily sign in quickly to access files and other cloud platforms such as Google Classroom.
  • Security: ActivePanel now allows teachers to securely sign in to the panel in multiple ways, including passwords, QR codes, or Near-Field Communication (NFC) cards. IT managers can be confident that teachers’ personal information and profiles will be kept confidential and that all network devices will receive appropriate security updates.
  • Adaptability: Teachers can record lessons and audio on ActivPanel and share with students in the classroom or at home to prevent learning loss and improve students’ overall engagement and achievement.
  • Longevity: ActivPanel’s high-performance and durable hardware now has powerful capabilities, such as USB-C with 100 watt power delivery and volume touch technology with pen / finger difference, palm wipe, palm rejection and 20-point touch.

The all-new ActivePanel, currently available in the US, comes in two models, the ActivePanel 9 and the ActivePanel 9 Premium. See all of the features and specifications here. Please contact your local Promethean team or partner to learn more about availability in other regions.

About Promethean

Promethean is a leading education technology company working to transform the world into a way of learning and collaborating. From our founding in Blackburn, England, almost 25 years ago, to our global operations in 22 countries today, we have continued to explore, innovate and inspire those designing learning and collaboration tools that are built for success. Our award-winning interactive displays, ActivePanel, and lesson delivery software, Activinspire and ClassFlow, are designed to engage students, connect with peers, and bring brilliance to everyone. With its headquarters in Seattle, Washington and worldwide office, Promethean is a member of the NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (HKSE: 0777) Group of Companies. Check us out at

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