Royelles Launches Industry’s First Inclusive Mobile Gaming Metavers Dedicated

Washington DC, June 14, 2022 – Royelles, a global educational gaming (Ed Gaming) platform that empowers girls and non-binary people through inclusive play, announced its official launch today. Royelles is on a mission to disrupt the 180B + mobile gaming industry in an effort to tackle the global identity crisis that is disproportionately affecting girls, through transformative storytelling and inclusive role modeling.

A women-founded platform for girls, Royelles aims to bridge the gap between girls’ possibilities and their dreams and arouse their curiosity and confidence in solving the world’s biggest problems at STEAM. Royelles’s gamified mobile play platform caters to 6-12 year olds of the 21st century, and their adult influencers. Powered by AR, AI, and voice technology, the newly launched, education-based mobile app is anchored in science, technology, engineering, art, and math with inspiring professions of fierce female avatar personalities and real-life super (s) heroes.

“We believe that everyone deserves to be the brave, fearless and fearless architect of their destiny,” said Mukami Kinoti Kimotho, CEO and founder of Royals. “Our goal is to open a window of opportunity for every girl, so that they know that they are fully equipped to realize their greatest potential. And, their difference is their super power. ”

So far, gaming has not been included. The current state of the industry disproportionately negatively affects women and girls, especially those from underdeveloped communities. Gen Z and Gen Alpha girls can learn and play separately. Moreover, the boundaries between education and gaming are rapidly becoming blurred for them. Royelles believes Metavers will accelerate that reunion, and its gaming platform is clearly built for girls, young girls who dream of changing the world and taking their rightful place as trailblazers, ceiling smashers and disruptors.

Download the Royelles app on Google Play and iOS, and join the global community of gamer girls who are empowering the Royelles revolution.

About Royelles

Royelles (E-rated for everyone), is a global educational gaming (ad-gaming) platform that re-imagines how girls and non-binary people create, connect and learn. Featuring inclusive gameplay, character-driven storytelling and steam-centric adventure, the Royelles gaming platform is powered by industry-leading AR, AI and voice technology. For more information visit:

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