Rutgers took flexible action measures

Rutgers plans to introduce flexible work arrangements for university staff, it announced Thursday. President Jonathan Hallway said in a statement that “running the university across the Covid-19 epidemic has taught us to be more flexible, resourceful and resilient by focusing on the most important issues for our students, teachers, staff and the communities we serve.” The new Rutgers Future of Work initiative is based on the recommendations of the university’s Future of Work Task Force, which sought input from staff and students through survey and listening sessions over the past year.

Short-term recommendations include allowing qualified employees to work on campus at least three days a week from 1 September. For those who cannot work remotely, another short-term recommendation involves exploring emergency care support programs and exploring more flexible work schedules. Regarding faculty members, in particular, Hallway said, “It is my unequivocal expectation that faculties are personally teaching, training, mentoring and mentoring.”

Rutgers has a separate but now related goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Plans to adopt the task force’s long-term recommendations – such as reviewing teaching methods to improve student engagement and learning – begin in the fall.

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