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ST. Lewis, MO (June 23, 2022) – St. Louis University School of Education and Bloomberg have partnered to announce a new initiative to help superintendents and school boards address the current crisis of teacher recruitment and retention. The initiative will include the development of collaborative strategies with school districts and educational leaders to increase the number of PK-12 teachers to meet the needs of today’s students.

One of the first initiatives is to develop a program to assist classroom assistants and other para-professionals with a bachelor’s degree in education and qualification for a license as a primary teacher in many states. St. Louis University has a long-standing tradition of high-quality online education for adults pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business, nursing, social work, and information technology. St. Louis University School of Education is dedicated to the development of teachers, principals, and superintendents through its extensive academic programs and faculty-led research.

“Classroom assistants and paraprofessionals are among the most dedicated staff in a school district, and they often have strong relationships with the community. We want to support those who are looking for ways to improve their careers and become licensed teachers, “said Gary Ritter, PhD, dean of the School of Education.

The School of Education is partnering with Bloomberg to collaborate with the school district who are interested in making new investments in the advancement of classroom assistants and para-professionals. Bloomberg’s technology and skills-oriented approach align with St. Louis University’s goals to address the country’s major social challenges, including the shortage of teachers in schools that serve marginalized students.

According to Bloomberg CEO Sanford Kenyon, “School districts are looking for new ways to show teachers collaborators and para professionals that they respect their experience. By partnering with SLU to offer this program, we will be able to give these highly committed professionals the opportunity to earn a recognized bachelor’s degree in the context of their employment, often with significant financial support from their districts. ”

Over the next few years, St. Louis University School of Education and Bloomberg will continue to collaborate to give school districts more ways to sponsor outstanding teachers and provide opportunities for advancement. The new approaches will complement SLU’s research, policy advocacy, on-campus classes, teacher development programs for urban schools, administrator certifications, and more.

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