Stanford law to cover tuition for low-income students

According to Reuters, Stanford Law School announced last week that it would waive all tuition and fees for low-income students.

The amount for the 2021-22 academic year is $ 64,350.

In an email to students last Wednesday, law school dean Jenny Martinez outlined plans to provide full scholarships to current and incoming students whose family income is below 150 percent of the poverty line – পরিবারের 41,625 for a family of four or $ 20,385 per person.

The decision makes Stanford the second-highest-ranked U.S. law school to do so, after Yale announced it would do the same in February.

Martinez wrote in an email that tuition coverage would be accompanied by other measures to increase financial aid for Stanford law students, including a 10 percent increase in overall financial aid and a 40 percent increase in funding for the loan repayment assistance program.

The move follows the creation of an ad hoc committee on financial access, part of a series of initiatives on diversity, equity and inclusion adopted in the law school 2018-19 academic year. Martinez writes that the financial aid changes “thanks to the administration’s deep commitment to the committee to address the concerns raised by students.”

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