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Colorado Springs, Colo., June 16, 2022 – The Sachs Foundation, an organization that has supported Black Coloradans since 1931, and Teach for America (TFA) Colorado, the state branch of a national organization that expands educational opportunities for children through hiring and training educators, are partnering to offer Black College graduates. Colorado is an opportunity to make an impact as an educator. To meet the shortage of black teachers in Colorado, organizations want to build a community of black teachers through peer groups and supplementary pay.

The number of black educators in the United States has declined since the schools were disbanded, but data confirms that representation is important to students. Johns Hopkins research shows that the presence of only one black teacher in grades 3-5 increases the interest of low-income black boys in college by 29% and reduces the dropout rate from high school by 39%. However, 150 of Colorado’s 178 school districts have no black teachers. The Sachs Foundation launched its Teacher Development Program to improve teacher diversity in Colorado schools in 2020, a mission in line with TFA’s goal of increasing diversity in teaching positions to better reflect the student population.

Working together, the organizations are deliberately creating a community of black educators in Colorado. TFA is leading the way in identifying, hiring and training Colorado teachers as it is the organization’s field of expertise, and Shakespeare is providing financial support for black teachers working in Colorado who are part of the program, based on their experience in providing scholarships for blacks. Both organizations emphasize the importance of a team (peer group) in the success of the program. TFA Colorado says the partnership has already increased the number of black educators who are able to teach through TFA by 150%.

A continuing employment hurdle is that black students typically graduate with higher levels of credit than white peers and are therefore encouraged to enter more lucrative professions, such as business or engineering, even if they are interested in teaching. The Sachs-TFA partnership addresses that challenge by increasing teachers’ salaries. Another hurdle is that potential teachers may be discouraged by the prospect of being the only black educator in their school. The homogeneous aspect of the program addresses what creates a community and provides peer support and networking opportunities.

“Teach For America is a well-known and widely respected national organization, so we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the TFA Colorado team,” said Ben Ralston, President of the Sachs Foundation. “It’s a normal fit because we share the same values ​​and complement our capabilities. The Sachs Foundation has the funds we can use to address this challenge, and TFA has the critical teacher recruitment and training skills to make it happen. We hope to eventually expand the program. “

The Sachs Foundation has already committed $ 165,000 to this year’s program, and has announced that it will continue to support participating black TFA Colorado academics as they continue their careers over the next three years. Sachs expects its investment to exceed $ 350,000 annually at that time. Teach For America will continue to recruit teachers with talented black graduates to teach in Colorado, a task facilitated by funding and collaborative elements of the program.

TFA Colorado Executive Director Dr. Pratik Dutt said, “We have been committed to building a pipeline of different educators for Colorado from the beginning. “Black teachers have to overcome many obstacles, and this partnership is the perfect step in the right direction because we now have the resources to attract and retain black teachers. They face two major challenges: lack of funding and isolation. With the Sachs Foundation, we We can make a huge difference for teachers and students. “

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About the Sachs Foundation

Founded in 1931 by Henry Sachs, a resident of Pikes Peak, the Sachs Foundation provides scholarship programs designed to help Black Coloradians overcome inequality and reach their full academic potential. Over the decades, the Foundation has helped thousands of talented black students graduate and graduate from universities across the United States, raising millions through its unique education equity approach. Learn more about the Sachs Foundation, student success stories and how to apply for a scholarship grant at

About teaching for America

Teach for America works in partnership with 350 urban and rural communities across the country to expand educational opportunities for children. Founded in 1990, Teach for America employs and develops a diverse corp of outstanding leaders who pledge the first two years of high-school education and become lifelong leaders in efforts to end educational inequality. Today, Teach for America is a force of 66,000 alumni and corps members working in more than 9,000 schools across the country for profound systemic change. From classrooms to state homes across America, they are redesigning education to realize the day when every child has an equal opportunity to learn, lead, improve and create a future full of potential. Teach for America is a proud member of the American Corps National Service Network. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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