Texas A&M Library Restructuring Plan Expires

About 30 librarians at Texas A&M University have lost their term or tenure after deciding to restructure 10 libraries in the administration system. Administrators had earlier asked librarians to move to a new department to maintain the term or leave it.

In all, 24 librarians moved to other academic departments, thus maintaining tenure, while 53 were converted to staff status. Of these 53 librarians, 19 have pardoned and nine have relinquished their term-track status, according to Houston Chronicle.

The faculty opposed the restructuring of the Senate Library, citing changes that were being pushed too fast and the university still could not explain its reasoning for the decision.

Librarians have expressed concern about how the changes could affect recruitment and retention.

The move comes at a time when librarians are increasingly being attacked in the United States, caught in the crossfire of a cultural war that in some cases has led to calls for books to be banned and even burned. Censorship efforts are particularly strong in Texas, although they have primarily focused on K-12 schools.

Critics note that Texas A&M has for months refused to justify the change. Now administrators say the restructuring was designed to streamline and simplify library activities and emphasize student needs on librarians’ research. Houston Chronicle.

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