The artist is the main donor to the Cal State Long Beach Museum

Caroline Campagna Cliffield, author of the self-help book, is a major contributor to California State University, Long Beach. In 2019, he gave the university $ 10 million, the largest grant received by Cal State for the expansion of the university’s art museum, which is now named after Cliffield.

But Artnet He says he has “written in a permanent collection of 120 art works of his own (as well as his library, personal archives, and more than 20 inspirational books he has written, including Possibility Alchemy: Rediscovering Your Personal Myth And Soul Seed: Revelation and Drawing). ”The artwork now accounts for 6 percent of the university’s art holdings, according to Los Angeles Times Art critics.

The art on display is “really terrible. The worst I’ve ever seen in a serious exhibition space, public or private, for-profit or non-profit, over the years.” Bar The art critic, Christopher Knight, wrote.

A Long Beach professor told Knight: “If this is a student applicant’s portfolio, they will not be able to enter the program.” (The Long Beach School of Art has about 2,000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs.)

University spokesman Gregory Woods said in a statement ArtNet: “We are grateful for the investment that these and other donors have made in the museum and art at Cal State Long Beach. These gifts are essential for expanding the educational opportunities available to our students and for providing cultural enrichment to our community. “

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