The duration of the college award

Salem State University

  • Kevin Carey, English
  • Fernando Colina, Marketing and Decision Science
  • Luke Conlin, Chemistry and Physics
  • Gina Carcio, Criminal Justice
  • Joseph Gustafson, Criminal Justice
  • Julie Kearnan, theater and speech communication
  • The whole mind, geological science
  • Betsy Miller, music and dance
  • Why Mulan, management
  • Kurt von Sikam, Economy
  • Mostafa Yatin, Chemistry and Physics

Southeast Missouri State University

  • Emily Beltzer, Psychology and Counseling
  • Dana Branson, Criminal Justice, Social Work and Sociology
  • Jenny Crop, English
  • Sarah Dietrich, English
  • Sophia Han, Music
  • Joseph Jefferson, music
  • Jenna Moore, Dobbins Conservatory of Theater and Dance
  • Michael Preso, Mathematics
  • Monica Radu, Criminal Justice, Social Work and Sociology
  • Sarah Shaner, Chemistry and Physics
  • Kristen Sobba, Criminal Justice, Social Work and Sociology

University of Western Michigan

  • Ashley Atkins, philosophy
  • Amy Boko, Library
  • Sunday Bonifacio, Accountancy
  • Scott Cowley, Marketing
  • Alexander Dana dos Santos, Physical Therapy
  • Joan Dewitt, Nursing
  • Jeremy Duncan, Biological Sciences
  • Balartua Enkhtaivan, Finance and Commercial Law
  • Diane Foski, Center for English Language and Culture for International Students
  • Pablo Gomez, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Laurie Gray, School of Interdisciplinary Health Programs
  • Monique Haley, dance
  • Bidyut Hazarika, business information systems
  • Donald Hoover, Physical Therapy
  • Geumchan Hwang, Human Performance and Health Education
  • Daryl Lawson, Physical Therapy
  • Geoffrey Lindenberg, Aeronautics
  • Rob Learla, Physician Assistant
  • Colin McCurry, Computer Science
  • Don Mason, Accountancy
  • Kara Maselink, Occupational Therapy
  • Shannon McMurray, School of Interdisciplinary Health Programs
  • Richard Meyer, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Mohammad Reza Musavijadeh, Business Information System
  • Kelly Pattinson, Nursing
  • Carlos Pimentel, World Language and Literature
  • Vincent Reitano, Public Affairs and Administration
  • Geraldine Rina, Library
  • Cybelle Shattuck, Institute for Environment and Sustainability
  • Marian Suirenga, Library
  • Lee Wells, industrial and entrepreneurial engineering and engineering management
  • Li Jiang, Language and Literature of the World
  • Russell Jawanka, Marketing
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